Call of Antia Mod Apk v1.7.21 Unlimted Money – 2022

In Call of Antia mod apk, you'll bravely go into battle armed with power, monsters, and an unique kind of puzzle game.
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An innovative take on the match-3 RPG sport, Call of Antia MOD Apk is a must-try for fans of the sport. In this unique role-playing game, you’ll be combining elements of the match-3 puzzle game with those of combat, power, and dragons as you charge headfirst into battle.

There were many victories and setbacks along the way. Get to be a real king or queen by expanding your kingdom, training powerful soldiers, and unleashing devastating attacks. Follow the path to see magnificent sights, meet great characters from different groups, and decipher enigmatical legends.

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App Name:Call of Antia Mod Apk
Size:187 MB

Features of Call of Antia Mod APK

Old Dragons

Facing off against ancient dragons in battle is one of Antia’s most thrilling elements. Players can receive these formidable animals as rewards for completing unique objectives, and they will test even the skills of the most experienced adventurers. Also try Game Of Sultans MOD APK


One look at Call of Antia Mod Apk: Match is all it takes to see why it’s so compelling. You’ll be taking an adventurous journey full of peril in this game. To move on, you need to find groups of three or more blocks with the same hue. Your progress will be hindered by various adversaries, each presenting its unique challenge.

The Power of Worldwide Interaction

One of the most compelling aspects of Antia is its game-play, which involves matching coloured balls to take out the enemy base. More money and diamonds can be earned the more balls you compare.To enter the game, one might do so in various ways.

To get started, either utilize in-game credits or buy coins and gems with real money. Playing the game, competing in tournaments, and accomplishing tasks are all good ways to rack up credits.

Event unlocks, upgrades, and prizes

As you go through the game, your foes will also strengthen. Players will need to improve their unit if they want any chance of defeating them. It is possible to max out a character’s star level and give them infinite skill power. That, however, will cost the player some gold coins to acquire.

In addition, consider how unlocking new characters can add variety to your team. When you add new members to your team, you also get new tales, new content, and a whole new perspective from which to run your operation.

Internet Slugfest

Alliance Wars, One-on-One Combat, and Fallen Titans are just a few different ways to engage in combat. Join forces with your comrades in epic battles and strive for victory. You can also download Frostborn MOD APK

Establish Your Domain

Construct a strong army, cultivate fertile land, and establish your empire.

Amazing Visuals

If you follow the story, you’ll get to see magnificent sights, meet great characters from many groups, and decipher enigmatical legends.

Famous Heroes

Accumulate a roster of over 50 legendary heroes and develop their stats and skills to new heights.It’s time to put forth new plans and your most potent warriors to defeat evil.

Call of Ants Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems

Gems, which may be used to increase a player’s character’s strength, can be purchased with real money. To level up, buy new weapons and armour, and unlock new abilities, players need Gems. Players need never worry about running out of gems because there is no limit to the amount that may be purchased

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1 – What is the best strategy for raising a dragon’s level in Call of Antia?

Dragons require Dragon food, Raw Meat, to level up. Food for Dragons can be obtained through Hero Quests. Don’t forget that you may always do a quest refresh if you’re not getting the desired reward from your existing quests.

2 – In Call of Antia, where do you insert codes?

In the upper left corner, select Player Profile to edit your character’s information. Select the profile’s Settings flag from the flag menu. Look for the input field next to the redemption code and tap it. Select a code from our provided list and paste it into the provided field.


Call of Antia mod apk introduces a whole new type of puzzle game-play that combines elements of combat, magic, and dragons as the player boldly charges into the opposing forces. You’ll be taking an adventurous journey full of peril in this game. To move on, you need to find groups of three or more blocks with the same hue. Facing off against ancient dragons in battle is one of Antia’s most thrilling elements. Furthermore, you can also Download: Evertale Mod Apk

What's new

1. Our new play mode—Alliance Intruder—is making its debut appearance!
2. The much-awaited Alliance Chest system is now available!
3. Our brand-new Dragonmaster system and Dragon Reputation system premiere in this update!
4. New 5-star Yellow-type Hero Crowley is now available.

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