Best Match 3 games: Whatever you Desire to play

Searching for the best match 3 games indicates your love and passion for gaming. Well, here is everything you need to know. Indeed, the internet has brought you to the right place. You will get the list of best match 3 games here.

Candy crush saga is undoubtedly one of the most famous match-three games. While boasting millions of downloads, it has a prominent pop culture influence. Apart from such features, there are several other unique features. However, the following blog will reveal only the best of the best elements. Besides, can you find them on mobiles or PC? It helps you to explore everything.

Are there any good match 3 games?

Yes, there are several good match 3 games to try this year.

Top best match 3 games android 2022 for you

  • Aqua Blast
  • 10000000
  • Puzzle & Dragons
  • Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
  • Any puzzle Quest game
  • Harry Potter & spells
  • Gunspell

Aqua Blast

Aqua Blast is entirely free to play. Indeed, it can be considered the perfect best match 3 games pc along the underwater theme. It is all about the match-three games; however, it also has some other stuff. The user will be able to create an underwater fish sanctuary. Apart from that, the application also allows stuff like power-ups, limited-time events, and other things. You may see some flaws in it. However, we are hoping to make it get better.


If you are looking for an older one, it is perfect for you. It carries several modifications done until 2018. There will be no cost at all to pay. It is free to use. Indeed, it has a goal of earning money. The price will be around 10 million. The match-three element is played in combat. It is the best source of adding a strategy element. It won’t let you miss any chance. Consider it as a diamond in the following list. By the way, it requires $2.29 to pay.

Puzzle and dragons

The following category requires you to make a team of different monsters. It will lead to a journey to explore the dungeons. Furthermore, it also includes beating up the bad guys. Make sure to pull off the combos as much as you can. You will get the biggest hit. Although this isn’t comparable to the latest ones, it is still on the list due to its great content. The user will find 2,000 monsters and a variety of other recipes. Also, it offers a co-op mode to play along with friends. The game is pretty easy to play. Therefore, you may have pressure to make some real money.

Puzzle Quest game

Do you love playing puzzle games? Well, here is a famous series named match-three puzzle games. The user will find multiple games in the franchise. It includes some prominent cultural themes. Such as, the player can count down on Magic: ‘The Gathering Puzzle Quest. Also, we can consist of Marvel Puzzle Quest. The mechanics vary in every game along the theme. But on the core, they are usually typical match-three combat games. The users are allowed to act such as attacking.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

It was the first official Pokemon game on the device. The users can resemble and match three icons like the regular. Although it is relatively easy to play, the user can make a perfect match. Complete a game by using a Pokemon. A pokemon who is going to fall will be known as a loser. The developers can increase other events and other pokemon in future updates.

Harry porter & spells

It is the latest match-three game. You must have heard about it, as the credits for creating such an incredible game go to Zynga. Different puzzles are included while using the story content of the Harry porter series. Indeed, you will be entertained by the usual parade of cameos coming from your favorite series. Apart from that, it also consists of some mechanics, such as the capability to grow. It appears to be so entertaining, so far away.

Guns spell

The basic game features are pretty similar to other games. All you need to do is solve the puzzle and beat the opponent. Only clearing your level won’t justify the success. The users can go through the game’s content of beating the opponents and puzzles. There will be a lot of items, weapons, spells, and items to level up and create more damage. People may find it almost similar to the 100000000. Although it is the second edition yet, it needs some modifications.

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