Beauty Cam for WA Video Call

Beauty Cam for WhatsApp Video Call is a real-time face beauty app built for WhatsApp video call, with dozens of FREE beauty tools and hundreds of free effects & filters to improve your WhatsApp video call experience.

Key Features:
#1 Beauty Camera for WhatsApp Video Call
This app provides high-quality free beauty features, e.g. face smooth, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, skin enhancement, etc., to keep you ready to be beautiful in WhatsApp video calls at any time. These free features are highly customizable, with beauty tools such as removing acne and blemishes, tuning face, brightening eyes, enhancing lips, and more to support you to adjust the details of your beauty looks in real-time. You can retouch your selfie and face in one tap during video chat.

#2 Hundreds of Video Call Effects, Filters, and WA Stickers
Hundreds of free effects, filters, and WA stickers are available to give you hundreds of diversified WhatsApp video call experiences. With a combination of beauty and amusing effects & stickers, your selfie in video calls can be both beautiful and fun. These fantastic effects and WA stickers can help you and your friends have more fun on social media like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Zoom. Use these lively WhatsApp emoji stickers to make your WhatsApp chat and WhatsApp status more enjoyable.

#3 Video Call with Makeup Filters
Introducing our app’s game-changing makeup feature for WhatsApp video call! No more settling for less than your best look. Our comprehensive makeup feature includes everything you need to enhance your natural beauty, from lipstick to mascara, blush to eyeliner, eyeshadow to highlight and contour, and even eyebrow and lens options.
But that’s not all – our makeup feature is perfect for WhatsApp video calls too! Whether you’re in a virtual meeting or catching up with loved ones, our app has got you covered. Show off your best selfie on screen with our makeup feature and enjoy the confidence that comes with looking your best.

#4 Reshape Face in Real-time
This app provides free face fine-tuning tools specially created for WhatsApp video call as well as GB WhatsApp app video call. You can reshape facial features, slim face, thin or thicken eyebrows, enhance lips, and so forth, with efficient and free retouch tools. Edit eyes and nose with free eyes editor and nose editor during video talk. With the lip plumper, any lipstick just fits you well! Use these customized face fine-tuning tools in WhatsApp video calls to reshape your face into an ideal as well as perfectly preserve personal features.

#5 Trendy Filters
100+ free themed filters and gorgeous light effects to match your personal aesthetic in WhatsApp and WA Business video call, such as Vintage, Polaroid, Film, VHS, Light & Shadow, CCD, etc. With this incredible WhatsApp video call filter app, you can have everything you need to match the vibe and atmosphere in video calls. You can use the WhatsApp face beauty camera and video call filter for WhatsApp to enhance your appearance during the video call. There are various video call effects and filters available for WhatsApp that can make your video call more fascinating.

#6 Background Changer for WhatsApp video call
Change your backdrop in real-time during video calls or while shooting a video. Our Background Changer feature offers endless possibilities. Whether you’re on a virtual call, filming a vlog, or just having fun with friends, our app has got you covered.

#7 Adjust Effects & Filters in Real-time
Editing face and effects in real-time during a video call. The app supports real-time adjustment of face beauty tuning, face reshaping, effects & filters during a face video call (such as WhatsApp video call and GB WhatsApp app video call). Utilize this excellent face app editor to create a stunning makeover on social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. You can enjoy various free beauty effects and fun face stickers in WhatsApp video calls. Video calls will never be boring again.

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