Swordigo MOD APK v1.4.4 (Unlimited Coins/Full Lives + No Ads)

Swordigo mod apk Unlimited Money carries the style of puzzle and adventure. Surely, you remember the feelings of using a 4-button gamepad that had Contra and Streetfighter. Following the game will refresh your memory.

Even though it was released a year later than the app store; however, it is still famous. Now it holds the record of 10 million downloads. Indeed, the content of the game is worthy enough to install the app. It also resembles our previous game EARN TO DIE 2 MOD APK. In the beginning, the game may look simple, but it has high-brain play levels.

There is always a scene of unexpected scenarios and random. Therefore, you will not be aware of anything that is going to happen. Thanks to APPTROS.COM, the blog will provide you complete information regarding swardigo mod apk. Swardigo hack apk will entertain you more than any other game.

There are various role-playing elements to grab your attention. The player has to find a way to cross the area and conquer the battle against monsters. Here is the technical information regarding Swordigo hack apk

Swordigo MOD APK


App nameSwordigo mod apk
File size51.7 mb
Latest versionV1.4.4
DeveloperTouch foo
Last updated 8/5/2022
Operating systemAndroid 4.1 and above

What is Swordigo MOD APK

It takes you on a thriller journey. Being a hero of the game you have to defeat your enemies that came across your way. The unique gameplay and multiple features emerge quickly on the top of list of games.

It is certainly a perfect embodiment as it provides a reliable and best mean to enter in a new world and become hero.


The creation of game is in the form of a 2.5D horizontal viewing angle instead of a first or third view. The user has to manipulate or use basic virtual buttons given on the screen. For instance, it includes move, jump, skills and slash.

For bringing up more fun and thrill, you can use the combination of keys for creating combos. In the beginning, you will have to get familiar with the storyline, including basic props and skills in Swordigo.

Even in the beginning, performing simple tasks will lead you to win iron sword and magic for using kame hame ha similar to Songoku. After reaching a certain destination by killing various monsters in your way, you will get a certain amount of gold and money.

Features of Swordigo Mod Hack

There are various features in the swordigo game for you. Each of them will bring joy to you.

Upgrading characters and unlock

During the process of exploring swordigo, there will be various quests for increasing difficulty. Although you don’t need to put thinking power however, make sure to use and improve strength.

It is vital to upgrade yourself for rescuing humanity.

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Mysterious puzzle

Unlike other games, it doesn’t involve only the killing part. Indeed, there are various hidden questions to challenge you. By giving the correct answers, you can unlock the new plot.

Magic and sword

The game requires you to find powerful weapons, spells and items for defeating enemies. There will be depressed caves and various dungeons for discovering powerful hidden swords.

Premium unlocked

The original version of Swordigo MOD APK can be a bit boring. Therefore, downloading the MOD version can be much more entertaining. The major difference between the MOD version and the original version. The unlocked version allows using all the resources without any restrictions. There will be no limitations. Usually, it’s not for free. However, you don’t have to pay, thanks to the premium unlocked version. The MOD version includes features similar to the original version, but the unlocked features create the difference.

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Countless Gems

Another incredible reward from this game is the unlimited gems. By using the gems, you can purchase anything. Such as, the user can purchase tickets, costumes, characters, food, etc. therefore, the feature of countless money in the mod version is beneficial for you. Hence, there will be no restrictions.

Countless Soul Shards

Soul Shards are the food for incredible. Afterward, the user can bring them into the battles. The player can turn the eggs into higher rarity eggs thanks to the elixir. Apart from that, it also enhances the speed of the hatching process. Elixirs and food are vital parts of this game. Hence, getting unlimited health and unlimited Soul Shards is beneficial.

No Ads

Ads can be very annoying while playing an interesting game. Luckily, there will be no disturbance at all. Indeed, the player can enjoy its game without a single encounter. There will be no ads.

Huge variety of Incrediballs

The following game container Incrediballs more than 300. Isn’t it surprising? In addition, there are three main categories. The first is Seekers, the second is Inhalers, and the third is a protector. The protector holds the responsibility of protecting you. By choosing the Incredibles, the user can complete all levels for attaining all the eggs.

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Further Features of Swordigo Mod apk Game

There will be precise touch controls. Besides that, the optimization makes them provide smooth usability. You will get complete control of your preferences. The user can find powerful weapons, spells, and many other items. All you need to do is defeat them and level up the character. However, it is only possible by a lot of practice.

  • Include customizing the control to your preferences
  • It comes with the precise touch control for smart phones and tabs
  • Adventurous journey through gloomy caves for searching hidden swords
  • Increasing the level of character
  • Search powerful weapons, spells and items to  defeat the enemy

How to install the Swordigo Game?

  • The first step of the method demands you to start Swordigo Mod apk Download
  • Now click on the button for starting the process
  • It will lead you to installation page
  • After that, click on the install option for allowing the process
  • There you go, your game will be ready to play in few seconds.

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