Super Pixel Heroes Mod Apk v1.2.239 (Unlimited Coins)

Google’s Android mobile operating system was used to produce Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK. A free version of Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK is available on the Google Play market; a premium version is not. You can download the premium version here for free and then install it.

Players can select any pixel hero from the game in single-player or multiplayer modes. In the Super Pixel Heroes apk, there are no limits on how many gold coins you can collect. It’s up to you to play as your favorite cartoon characters and wreak havoc on the adversaries in your way. The most critical objective is to reduce the size of your opponent to a pixel or two. Challenge your buddies to a duel and see who can win the most points.

Super Pixel Heroes Mod Apk

App Name:Super Pixel Heroes Mod Apk
Size:94.8 MB
Developer:Reliance Big Entertainment

Features of Super Pixel Heroes Mod Apk

  • Collect legendary heroes to add to your collection.
  • Amazing arcade gameplay.
  • Finishers that make you laugh are waiting for you to unwrap.
  • Exciting venues.
  • Special abilities can be unlocked.
  • Destroy champions of power
  • A pixel-based first-person shooter in 3D
  • Characters of both humans and pandas are shown.
  • Deathmatch and team deathmatch are the two game modes.
  • Weapons with a range of 9
  • Maps of six city arenas

Super Pixel Heroes mod apk latest version

Super Pixel Heroes mod apk latest version lets you play as King Kong, RoboCop, Atom, Zeus from Real Steel, and The Jungle Book heroes. To become the greatest arcade champion, you must avoid various obstacles, discover unique hero skills, and gather distinctive characters.

To experience the insane Cartoon and Comical action Heroes, unravel famous heroes with super-cool talents and spectacular action maneuvers. Discover a diverse cast of characters, including dinosaurs, Jungle Book heroes, zombies, and sci-fi Real Steel Robots. Smash and slam Pixels! Take part in the exhilarating experience of defeating immortals, even with just one limb, in combat.

This game uses a variety of finishing maneuvPixelo knocks each other out. Punch, Bleed, Critical Damage, Stun, Force Field, Obstacle Shield, Last Stand & Instant Death specials can be used to annihilate foes in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, Download the IMVU Mod apk

Pixel Hero Warfare

Fighting your way through waves of foes in first-person shooter Pixel Hero Warfare will help you improve your first-person shooting skills. You have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal to utilize to get an advantage over your opponents.

There are both human and panda characters for you to play with. Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch are two different game types that you can play in. You can choose from six distinct city maps and nine various weaponry to fight other players.

Pixel hero dragon Battle

You can choose from a wide variety of eye-catching skins, so you can have even more fun. Take on difficult challenges to sharpen your skills. In this Pixel hero dragon Battle, you may find yourself knocked unconscious. incredible pixel-smashing game that can be downright brutal at times.

Pixel Hero Dragon Battle’s primary but efficient interface has made it a huge hit. Pixel Hero Dragon Battle can be installed using two methods, both of which are well-known and widely used. You can get Pixel Hero Dragon Battle by using any of these methods. You can also download: Sky Whale Mod Apk

Mod Features

For your collection and development, there are hundreds of warriors to choose

  • A singular, first-rate, and energizing encounter
  • Intense and Exciting Battles
  • Rewards for completing each stage are many.
  • Make more friends with our new social interaction method.
  • Gameplays involving numerous dungeons with a wealth of materials
  • Build the strongest team possible, and you’ll be able to conquer the planet.
  • While you’re offline, you’ll still get the benefits of this idle function.

How to download Super Pixel Heroes

To download this amazing game you have to follow the below instructions:

apptros apk downlod guide

Frequently Asked Questions


Embrace the pixel universe, where you’ll face off against wacky but also vicious foes in the arena. Take your favorite hero and head to the ring, where you’ll create chaos and unlock new characters. The 3D pixel graphics add to the ambiance in this Super Pixel Heroes Mod Apk, which is sure to make you happy. Furthermore, you can also download: MOD APK

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