Project QT MOD APK V15.5 (Unlimited Coins/ Gems + One Hit/Unlocked Character)

Being a fan of action and adventure games, you should go for Project QT mod apk quickly. Action-based games are the undeniably best way to immerse themselves in the world of fantasy. The following blog is all about an action-adventure game using puzzles and vital information for the user.


App Name:Project QT MOD APK
Size:41.4 MB

Action games are always eye-catchy due to their unique features. The project qt mod apk represents the infrastructure of action and fun gameplay. Indeed, it is an action-adventure game. Nutaku has always inspired us with its amazing games. The game begins with a scenario of scientists exploring the truth or solving the mysteries. Meanwhile, they encounter a group of girls. These girls are actually aliens. There comes another threat to the world. The consequences can bring another level of chaos to the world. Every feature of the game is unique and will be helpful to lead the game. Besides that, it is completely free.

Introduction of Project QT MOD APK

Nutaku Mod apk is an anime-based RPG game that uses visual elements to satisfy anime fans. It is the creation of a game publisher named Nutaku. Unfortunately, Nutaku focuses on creating only adult games. Therefore, if you are under 18+, then you shouldn’t go for it. 

The company’s creation belongs to Canada, and its goal is to provide mobile and web games for free to download. Every game of the company is loaded with entertainment. The main elements of this game include girls, considered rewards, endless entertainment sources, and teammates.

Project qt hacked is the modified version of the game. It allows you to fight against aliens using a team of brave and beautiful girls with excellent fighting skills.

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The gameplay of Project qt Hacked APK

The storyline is simple and relatively easy. Some scientists are researching and exploring the truth behind black holes and galaxies; however, their research takes a new turn later on. During the research, they found a group of alien girls. In the get-up of girls, these aliens are mighty.

Soon, they start destroying our world by attacking and killing innocent people. As a result, new chaos will take place on earth. Many people try to get away from them, but nothing works. Project qt characters use a squad of powerful and beautiful girls.

They join the battle in order to repel the infection to avoid spreading across the world. It uses various character interactions to allow the user to manipulate different characters easily. The exertion of skills will be according to respective conditions.

Furthermore, the games come with various mechanisms and features for users to explore.

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A highly installed game shows its fantastic interface and unique features.

Get prisoners

In the beginning, you have to create a group of monster girls as the prisoners. However, later on, you can add them as a team. They are responsible for accepting your command and follow you. Adding more girls will make your team stronger.

PVP Mode

Project QT Nutaku mod comes with a real adventurous game that allows you to add all your friends worldwide. You can even share scores daily with the rest of the players. No game will provide you such a unique feature. All you have to do is install the app to enjoy these beautiful perks.


Every weekend brings up various events to happen. Therefore, make sure to pick the best squad. You need to train them well so that they can participate on every occasion.


Graphics are another way to describe the attractiveness of the game. Project T mod doesn’t let down its reputation here. Indeed, the game is famous for outstanding anime-style graphics. What I love about this game is character design. Each character is created with Chibi style, and they all look beautiful and cute.

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Further exciting Features of Project QT Apk

Unlimited Rio

Unlimited amount of pearls

Project QT Download Safe and Free

There is no need to root the android

It comes with an automatic update

Completely safe

How to Install Project QT Latest Version

All you need to do is click on the given link

It will take you to download the page

After that, click on the install button after allowing unknown resources

Once the process is done, you can locate the file and click on it to install the app

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