Hay Day Mod Apk [Unlimited Coin, Seeds, Gems] v1.54.71

Farm management games are a real blessing if you love farming but can’t enjoy it in real life. You would love to experience a peaceful country and culture. The farm games are deniably much more than fun. After a hectic day, the hay day mod apk will help you to calm your mind.

The developers introduced this game in 2012 officially. Later on, they improved the quality after the hard work of five years. Now, it supports both platforms, including iOs and Android. Believe me or not, raising animals and growing plants will be like the fresh air of the city’s village.

You can even start trading with your friends and neighbors. The hay day mod will make you realize the joy and difference between typical shooting, racing games, and pleasant farming games. If we discuss its ranking level, then the game was a blast.

It influenced a total of 122 countries across the world. They earned more than 30 $ million after a month of release. Besides that, here is the technical Information of the hay day mod apk.

Hay day mod apk

Hay day mod apk Technical Details

App Name:Hay Day mod apk
Size:136 MB
Mod Features:Unlimited Coin, Seeds, and Gems
Requires:4.3 or above

The developer has created many versions to satisfying the need of gamers. It is completely free of cost. The game provides you many new offers. For instance, the game has bonuses, coins, and many more.


As I told you earlier, the hay day mod allows you to enjoy farming. Now, I will share the gameplay of farming. It all starts from a story of an uncle who leaves a farm for you. Being a player, you have to farm and grow plants. There will be different animals, including goat, sheep, etc. You have to take care of them.

However, every game contains some challenges for the player. You will also go through the hurdles. For instance, drying plants or sick animals will be a little bit problematic. But, if you stay strong and use strategies, you can succeed.

Meanwhile, the harvest demands to trade the products with other people. You can gain many coins, bonuses through harvesting, planting, trading, etc. Every level will surprise you more.

Besides that, you will experience a special spot in Hay day mod. It is known as the life cycle of plants. Some plants will require harvesting three times later. They may get wither. However, you can seek neighbors’ help.


You can obtain the points and rewards through the following steps.

  • Exchanging goods with friends and neighbors
  • Managing the bushes and trees
  • Growing and harvesting crops or animals
  • Loading the boat and trucks through products
  • Building items by craft material.

Features- Hay day Mod apk

The game involves unique features to keep engage you in the game continuously. Let’s discuss all the features to get more familiar.

Simulate Farm life

Although the game is old and needs to be repaired, it provides you a joyful and pleasant living experience. The mod hay day demands you to recover abandoned fields, rotting houses, degraded warehouses, etc.

Furthermore, as a beginner, you will be unaware of the method to perform per task. Therefore, Mr. Wicker in mod hay day guides you. Initially, you will start with simple repairing houses, building chicken cages, planting rice and harvesting, etc. Furthermore, you will learn to use seeds to sow in the ground plot.

After some certain time, you need to harvest them. Apart from planting, you have to raise animals. It will bring higher economic benefits. Moreover, the game has pigs, sheep, chickens, dairy cows, horses, and goats. You can enjoy countless harvesting in this way.

 To raise animals, you have to feed animals and take care of them. Later on, you can collect the raw products. Furthermore, you can use raw material for sale or fabrication. For instance, the milk and eggs will be helpful to make a delicious cake. The wool would be beneficial to create fabrics.

Moreover, you can even grow pets, for instance, a dog or cat. To experience great points, you can bring stuff for pets. You can store the products in the warehouse. The products will be useful to create material, reproduce and sell things.

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Trade and exchange

It is essential to run a farm through some techniques. You can’t just serve yourself. However, you can use trading products to expand your work. The game allows you several ways to exchange your products.

Trading is undeniably the fastest way to obtain profit, reproduction and become rich. In the beginning, you can use the request board of frond door to sell products. You will find a list of all the needs of people in town. You can sell your products to the people to collect money.

Sometimes the local visitors demand products.  Well, I think you should avoid their poor offers. After reaching level 7, you can open an auto shop. It will lead you to sell products quickly. Make sure to set a reasonable price for the products. However, the product includes even the raw material. You can even sell the processed materials.

Moreover, you can purchase new slots to sell more items in the store. Once you reach level 17, the Harbor will be unlocked. You will be able to take orders from the whole world. You have to fill the box according to the customer’s desire. However, make sure to complete the task as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, you may experience orders with high demand but a low price. In my opinion, you can refuse it. However, if you have worked hard to create the products, sell them anyway.

Upgrades and discoveries

At the beginning of hay day mod, you will have only several buildings in a small land. However, your hard work can help you here. You will be able to change everything. Even the daily activities will help you to obtain points.

After some certain levels, you can unlock the building. You can build to get different products. Moreover, there are many other tasks to perform. The hay day mod will allow you to go on fishing by mining.

However, make sure to remove rocks, grass, and rubbish to expand the farm. The hay day mod provides you the opportunity to pick up the upgrade materials—for instance, nails, wood panels, screws, etc.

Decorate farm

You can decorate the farm according to your choices. Hay day mod brings you many items to make the farm more attractive. You can build a fence, grow plants, and add lampposts, etc.


  • You can use hay day mod unlimited diamonds to add more items of diamonds in the game.
  • The hay day mod apk unlimited everything will allow you to enjoy everything countless.
  • Make sure to download hay day mod apk download the latest version.

Other Features

If you hit the car parked in front of your farm every day, you can spin your lucky wheel every day during Hay Day. You need to check the mailbox every day to see if there is a gift card inside. You can also earn diamonds by watching the advertisement.

The Roadise Shop is unlocked at level 7. A small booth will be available for you to sell items that you own. The world can see and purchase your farm’s products if they need them when visiting.

Get to know the Hay Day community around the world, make friends, and chat with other Hay Day players. It will be Hay Day if you steal agricultural produce or help neighbors with their crops.

How to Install the Hay day mod apk latest version?

It is so simple to install the game. You have to follow the steps.

  1. Just click on the given button.
  2. Download the file and open it.
  3. Now install the apk file on your device.
  4. Now read the instructions.
  5. Enjoy your game; once the process is done

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