Criminal Case MOD APK V2.39 (Unlimited Energy/Hints)

Are you also a fan of detective movies like me?  Criminal case mod apk provides the environment for realizing your dream. Besides that, it is completely free. Unlike other games, you don’t need to pay even a single penny here. It is often known as ‘CC.’

The crown of creating such an amazing and thriller game goes to Pretty simple. A mod version is the modified version for helping you to gain a quick victor. Here is the technical information regarding the game. After that, there will be a brief intro for you.

Criminal Case MOD APK
NameCriminal case mod apk
PublisherPretty simple
RequiresAndroid 4.1

What is Criminal Case MOD APK

It has an insight into the forensics industry. The hard work of police officers in murder cases is inspiring. The game starts with the scene of the town of Grimsborough facing extremely harmful criminals.

Many innocent lives have ended because of them. The security force is searching for the person who can gather events to murder the last killer.

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The gameplay requires you to play your role as a detective for solving a murder case. The user has to search for the relevant clues to solve the issue. It requires you to click on the different objects on the screen.

The investigation will disclose the killing method. At the end of the day, the user has to represent the suspects. Another task will be arresting the suspected people during the investigation. In case of the right decision, the case will be closed. You can open a new issue.

Playing as a detective.

Here the first challenge for the detector involves the case of a killed woman in town. Now you have to play your role. You need to search for clues. It will help you to serve investigation. Begin the mission by looking for weapons and corpses.

Once you find them, please submit them to the laboratory for the purpose of fundamental analysis. Moreover, the lab can also use them for samples.

Make sure to collect the fingerprints, hair, and nails. It will help you to match the identity. As the perpetrator is a clever person, therefore, you certainly need to go for further investigation. You will get vital information from the lab about the killer’s killing method or more information about the killer.

No prediction

The gameplay is quite simple but involves a high level of logic. Once you find some evidence, it will be easy to find the culprit. If you feel stuck, then try using hints. Try to ask an intellectual question when you suspect anything from a person.

Witnesses play a vital role here. Collect the timings of their neighbors and any abnormal behavior around them from witnesses. Chatting with them will provide you a lot of information.

The killer can be anywhere.

The introduction of the town was like to be a corrupt and bleak town. It showcases the nature of the place even before entering the land. Try to change it by finding the last boss. He will be smart like James Moriarty.

A crime scene will begin the journey. You can see it anywhere. It can be on the side of the road, the bathroom of a victim’s house, or a car. You may see a complicated scene with a narrow area and many objects that will hide evidence.

All you need to do is look closely, as it can be out of sight sometimes.

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How to Install and Download the Criminal Case Mod apk?

To install the app, you need to follow the below simple steps.

  1. The first step requires clicking on the given link. It will lead you to a warning sign regarding downloading the game.
  2. Now click ok to start the process immediately.
  3. After clicking that button, the process will begin soon
  4. You need to click on install, and it will lead you to the installation process

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Final Verdict

The game is an award-winning crime-solving game. I’m sure you would love the game due to its thrilling features. Besides that, it is completely free. We hope you love the game. Good luck.

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