Cooking Fever Mod APK V15.1.0 (Unlimited Coins/Gems) free on android

Cooking fever mod apk is the game specially designed for the children’s and for those who loves cooking but don’t know how to cook.

This cooking favor game develops interest in cooking and also provides the entertainment  when they are making yummy food.

Besides this the cooking APK have many features. This emphasizing games gives us a beautiful cultures of world giving the best opportunity to the people’s to cook and look up the perfect menu to the customers.


App Name:Cooking Fever Mod APK
Size:108 MB

Features of cooking fever mod APK

Following are the features of cooking fever mod apk

Friendly and exhilarating game play

A game becomes friendly when it is suitable for all the ages and mod cooking fever is the game which is best for all the ages. It gives endless entertainment to it’s players. In this game as a chef the player take off his position in the restaurant and special in serving delicious dishes.

Moreover when some time passes the player’s also make new to new dishes that attracts their customers. Besides this cooking fever unlimited coins and gems hack apk gives the ultimate Coins and Gems to it’s players that makes the game more breathtaking.

Serving customer the best food

Cooking fever mod APK play online is an user friendly and intense game for all ages. In this player have to make perfect dish and server to it’s customer the dish depends on the menu which is required.

Besides the main course player can also add things like fizzy drinks to the menu.

This game is also perfect for those who are not punctual because you have to deliver food in the shortest possible time.

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Upgrade the cooking utensils and things

It is compulsory for a chef to have best equipment’s for increasing the sale of his restaurant. Moreover, the game introduces a huge and in-depth upgrade system, where players upgrade everything, like raw ingredient value, processing speed, and unlock new contents to serve customers.

Which depends on each type of restaurant, the upgrade system is different, making the game richer and more diverse for players to discover new things constantly.

Renovate your restaurant

If your are bored of your old restaurant so you should renovate it. There are exciting features present in the game to renovate. There are exciting interior and  exterior deigns to place.

Moreover, the  design of each restaurant is different, so every time players start with a new restaurant, they will have to start from scratch and build an exclusive restaurant.

Unlock new cooking recipes

You can also unlock the new cooking recipes when you upgrade the level. You can also cook new to new dishes by these recipes.

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How to download the app

  1. Click over the given link “Download Now”
  2. Allowed all the unknown recourses
  3. Locate the file in your android
  4. Open and play the game


When you play the game you can surely love it. If you like the game so share it with your friends.

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